Averaigne - the fallen

Pray silence, traveller, as you gaze upon these monuments raised to the fallen heroes of Averaigne. The oldest tombs are those furthest down the path...

Nomos Horne
Human fighter (level 1)
Lost an eye to a spider zombie, had his knee dislocated by Aurelius whirling his staff around incompetently, and finally was killed by a roc. Nomos was whirling an over-filled lit lamp around his head like a lasso to strike the roc that was attacking them on the open road. He missed, the roc didn't.

Gowmac Smoothfoot
Halfling thief, reformed (level 1)
Renowned for his shiny bald pate, Gowmac was a keen crossbow user. He saved the party in their first encounter against spiderweb-zombies by diving under their outstretched arms, snatching up a pollhammer and whirling it into its head. The same roc that killed Nomos punched its beak straight through Gowmac's chest.

Grat Ismort
Elf summoner (level 1)
A dabbler in magics that strayed to close to the taint of necromancy for his brethren, Grat was searching the lands for more knowledge and, ultimately, more power. Highlights of his command over the minor air spirits, the sylphids, included heaping burning brands of wood onto gnolls ambushing the party at night and driving an arrow deeper into a wounded assailant until they were slain. He, too, fell to the mighty roc, torn violently asunder.


Rubeus Mangold
Elf fighter-mage (level 1)
Developed a strange habit for tasting the blood of fallen enemies to help him understand their ways better. Survived being headbutted by a spiderweb-zombie that was on fire. Slain jumping at a human cultist of Aractheon and impaling himself on their sword.


Staedtler, Pierre, Bernard, Bregans, Jean
The oldest tomb, and one that was raised to five comrades who fell together, slain by goblins and their overconfidence and combat ineptitude.

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